Retail Computers

New computer sales

At Geeks Are Us we believe building you a custom computer delivers more value, productivity and stability for our customers.  Some think a custom computer instead of an off the shelf box brand is more expensive.  This is not true. Often it can be less expensive.  At Geeks Are Us we work with our customers to configure the computer to them. We ask questions about what their needs are now and possibly in the future.  No one wants a new computer or laptop that they outgrow in a year.  No one wants to be forced to buy a new computer to play the latest games.

At Geeks Are Us we know and work with the world’s leading manufacturers of motherboards, RAM, processors, video cards and hard drives so you don’t have to.  We you the questions so we can custom configure a new computer that meets your needs now and provides a scalable platform for the future.   We won’t sell you what you don’t need or try to upsell you.  If you have a budget, we stick to it.

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