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Come in and speak with one of our technicians or leave your computer for servicing. We offer a wide range of service options.

Hardware diagnostics

Virus removal

 Full system upgrades

 Replacement parts

Data backup and restore

On Site

Is the thought of disconnecting your computer preventing you from getting the care your PC needs? Are you afraid that once you unplug all those cables, you won’t remember where they all go? Have a medical condition and you simply can’t lift it without risking your health? Geeks Are Us mobile services have you covered.

Have one of our friendly and professional technicians come to your home or business to correct your issues on site. In cases were the only solution is a visit to our service center, Geeks Are Us can provide return trip service. We will even set it back up and perform any post repair configuration you may need.


A computer can slow down after months or years of use.  Programs have been installed and uninstalled. Software updates have occurred. A virus, trojan or spyware program is a typical culprit. General maintenance and virus/spyware removal can be performed by one of our technicians to tune up your computer which eliminates errors and increases responsiveness, or the “speed” of the computer.  Many people have thought they have had to purchase an entirely new computer only to find out a tune up solves most of their problems.
A typical computer problem is that the operating system has become corrupted beyond repair. This is a last step to revive a computer when the hardware has been deemed problem free.
Your computer has all of your emails, documents, family photos, work files and videos.  Nothing can cause more worry than the thought of losing what could be years of memories and valuable information.  Our Data Backup and Restore service is highly recommended before a format and reinstall.
It may be a hardware upgrade, hard drive swap or troubleshooting and diagnosis.  Whatever the problem is we can most likely find it, fix it and get you back online.  A $37.50 minimum fee applies.
Sometimes you may not be comfortable disconnecting and reconnecting all those cables or you can’t bring your computer in to us.  We’ll come to you to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix problems right in your home or at your business.  A minimum one hour $90 charge applies with quarter hour billing thereafter.  Service calls outside a 10km radius from our store will be charged travel time on a quarterly hour basis.

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Call (604) 574-0219 if you have any problems with your computer or fill out the form to email one of our geeks directly

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